/Song Sting Swarm

A dialogue between saxophonist and swarm. Enveloping the space; light and projection interact live their song. Conceived in New Zealand, performed in the Abbaye de Noirlac, Bruère-Allichamps, France.

Contributions in Spatial Design and Live Visualizations

Contributions as Designer and Touchdesigner technician:

  • Interactivity : Generative visuals and reworking of Anne Noble’s photography. Lighting and live interaction.

  • Spatial design for performance; including lighting and layout in collaboration with S.Foster. Performance pacing and narration, under direction of A.Noble and alongside H.Chrisholm’s score.

  • Technical: Projection mapping/blending. Design and build of custom addressable lighting (LED) system. Build of custom PC to run system.

Conceived and Directed : Anne Noble
Saxophonist : Hayden Chrisholm
Spatial / Interactive Design : Stuart Foster

Live Cinema Techniques

Projection mapping of 3D  digital objects to physical space.
Custom lighting system including over 3000 addressable LEDs. The lighting was programmed to extend the projected surface - expanding the “movement” beyond the flat planes.

LED Build and Development

Development AND TESTING